Established in 1993, we, based on the "Services First, Customers Paramount" ideal, have been committing to make our clients get the greatest benefits from the production equipment invested in by them and to research, develop and improve incessantly.

The countries that have been successfully opened by our products are: mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, America, Chile, Portugal, Egypt, Malaysia, etc. On the parts of corrugated cardboards and cardboard cases processing machines, in response to various clients; requirements, we provide a variety of options such as economic manual type, electric preset type and computer value control type and at the same time cooperate with European and American vendors to make our clients; assignments available: e.g., SUN; lead-edge paper feeding mechanism, HAPPER; ceramic anilox rolls. HARRIS ; BRUNO; chambered doctor blade inking system, VALCO; computer paste-spraying system, etc.555


  • 公司名称:今合发机械工业股份有限公司
  • 业务类型:出口商,制造商
  • 成立年份:1993
  • 电话 (1):+886-3-3528155
  • 电话 (2):+886-3-3528156
  • 邮递区号:33860
  • 注册地址:桃園縣蘆竹鄉南山路二段100巷33號
  • 品牌:JHF 今合发
  • 主要产品:Flexo Printer Slotter Machine & FOLDER GLUER, Inline
  • 出口市场:哥斯达黎加,牙买加,智利,秘鲁,中国,香港,印尼,马来西亚,台湾,白俄罗斯,葡萄牙,俄罗斯联邦,乌克兰,埃及,菲律宾